Level 1 Books:
Teaching Language Through Action

As an ESL/Foreign Language Teacher Trainer for the last 28 years, I have often been asked about proper materials to successfully implement the TPR and Natural Approaches. I am happy to share these with you. I hasten to let you know beforehand that every one of these books has been tested in the classroom. Either I personally have found each of these successful, or I have observed teachers using these successfully. Each of these has been proven to be outstanding. These books are user-friendly, providing activities that are full of fun, and EACH ONE WORKS!!

I have been careful to indicate the level of each work. This refers to the LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY LEVEL, NOT THE GRADE LEVEL.

Teaching Through Action
Teacher's Manuals Level 1
* Teaching English Through Action   $23.99
* Ensenando el espanol por medio de acción (Spanish)   $23.99
* L'Enseignement du Francais au Moyen de l'Action (French)   $23.99
* Deutschunterricht Durch Handein (German)   $21.99
* Teaching Russian Through Action   $21.99
* Akushiyon De Gaku Shiuu Suru Nihongo (Japanese)**   $26.99
By Bertha (Berty) Segal Cook

Each of the above books is a comprehensive guide of 102 lesson plans implementing the Total Physical Response (T.P.R.) Approach to teaching language...An excellent tool for teaching beginning and intermediate ESL or Foreign language students of ANY age level. Ten thematic Units contain the essential vocabulary needed for survival and success in the target language. 
Each unit contains:

1.   TARGET VOCABULARY--an overview of the words which will be taught via commands in the succeeding group of lessons.

2.     102 INDIVIDUAL LESSON PLANS--a step by step detailing of exactly what commands are to be presented. Vocabulary development is very carefully controlled. Guidelines for conducting the lessons are provided.

3.     REVIEW LESSONS--Vocabulary is reviewed at the end of each unit. Review lessons are also used as tests.

4.     RECORD OF MASTERY--A Grid for recording Mastery, or need for further review, accompanies each Review Lesson.  This provides a record of each student's progress and is helpful for reporting to parents, principal, etc.

A TEACHER'S MANUAL FOR STUDENT BOOKS IS ALSO INCLUDED, and includes extensive guidelines, ideas and samples.

Student Books {Levels 1 & 2}

The student books relate to the above Teacher’s Books. All the material presented in Listening Comprehension in the Teacher’s books is now used in Speaking, Reading, Writing and (later) Spelling activities. All are RELATED and all are based on COMPREHENSION...Instructions for these activities are in the Teacher’s book. The Student book contains :

10 Thematic units Target vocabulary
102 lesson plans. Often 2 lessons are covered in each session.
Recommended for grades 3-12( May be started in Grade 2   with students who read in their primary language)

*We Learn English through Action   $17.99
*Aprendemos el espanol por medio de accion   $17.99
*Apprenons le Francais au moyen de L’Action   $17.99
*Wir Lernen Deutsch durch Handeln   $16.99


English In Action for Adults and Teens {Levels 1 & 2}     By L. Francois

A useful resource book for ESL /Foreign Language teachers of ALL LANGUAGES.

It is a COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING GUIDE with TPR/Natural Approach lesson plans for teachers of ESL and F.L. beginning Jr.and Sr. High and Adult students

Contains:    *Lesson Plans   *Oral Comprehension tests   
*Mastery check log    *Ideas for multi-level instruction        



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