TPR/ Natural Approach
As an ESL/Foreign Language Teacher Trainer for the last 21 years, I have often been asked about proper materials to successfully implement the TPR and Natural Approaches. I am happy to share these with you. I hasten to let you know beforehand that every one of these books has been tested in the classroom. Either I personally have found each of these successful, or I have observed teachers using these successfully. Each of these has been proven to be outstanding. These books are user-friendly, providing activities that are full of fun, and EACH ONE WORKS!!

I have been careful to indicate the level of each work. This refers to the LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY LEVEL, NOT THE GRADE LEVEL. To be more specific:

Level II -- Going from Listening Comprehension, and making the transition to Speaking, Reading, and Writing. activities.

Level III --Intermediate Speaking, Reading and Writing Activities, and for those in ESL, Content Area Instruction (Academic Subject Matter teaching) in the 2nd Language.


Level 2
Teaching ENGLISH (& FOREIGN lANGUAGE)as a Second Language:
Accelerating Achievement in Speaking, Reading, and Writing
{Level 2}

Many teachers are aware of the T.P.R. (Total Physical Response) Approachas an outstanding introductory approach to the teaching of language. This book, compiled by Berty Segal Cook, was created to answer the oft-repeated question, " How do you go beyond the basics and effectively develop ORAL LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY ?" This book has been designed to answer that question in practical terms. It will give you a strong understanding of the key elements in accelerating the oral and written language proficiency of your ESL students. It will give you new ideas, a new perspective, and help you proceed with confidence in your classroom. It contains:
* A guided Speaking program that is highly motivating and successful

* Samples of the transfer from the Imperative to Present, Past, and Future Tenses

* Samples of NATURAL APPROACH reading activities

* Suggestions as to when to introduce Grammar    * 28 Writing Activities

* Examples of Early and Intermediate Reading and Writing experiences

* Sample tests-Levels 1 & 2

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English In Action for Adults and Teens {Levels 1 & 2}     By L. Francois

A useful resource book for ESL /Foreign Language teachers of ALL LANGUAGES.

It is a COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING GUIDE with TPR/Natural Approach lesson plans for teachers of ESL and F.L. beginning Jr.and Sr. High and Adult students

Contains:    *Lesson Plans   *Oral Comprehension tests   
*Mastery check log    *Ideas for multi-level instruction        



Level 3

Linking The ESL Student To The Mainstream {Level 3}

This unique book was designed to meet the needs of teachers working with intermediate level students in grades 3-12. It provides practical answers, methods and guidelines for teaching Subject Matter in the 2nd language to students who have intermediate English language proficiency.

It includes:
*A review of the early stages of language acquisition
*A series of strategies which encourage cooperative learning and teach the process of Group Interaction and increase English language proficiency.
*Interactive, experiential techniques which promote concept and development.
*Outstanding methods for providing students content area.
*Instruction in the 2nd language and accelerating Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP)
*Specific guidelines for successful lessons.
*Sample lessons you can use immediately in your own classroom



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